Shortbread II: The second loaf

— 12:09 AM on July 13, 2000

News, reviews, previews, & interviews

  • takes a look at the PC Power & Cooling Thermal Alarm. Check it out, this may just save your PC one day.
  • Tweak Town has a preview of Whistler (aka Windows 2001). -- It looks like Whistler will mostly be a UI update to win2000 with not very much new functionality.
  • Neoseeker has a review of the IJAM IJ-50 MP3 player.
  • PC Insight has a review of the new Iwill VD133Pro motherboard with on-board IDE RAID.
  • Chick's Hardware has some information on the new Indrema game console -- This console is based on the Linux OS, and looks like it should be pretty cool. Check out the link for more info, including some specs.
  • Tech Extreme has a surround sound speaker round-up.
  • Tweak Town makes the 'bread again tonight, this time with some Asus K7V overclocking info.
  • Hexus has some info on how they managed to get a Celeron II 533 all the way up to 1GHz.
  • Insane Hardware put a heatsink on their new AMD Duron. And killed it.
  • The Firing Squad has a two-part article up on how video cards work.
  • GamePC reviews some SMP lovin' in the form of the MSI 694D Pro Dual VIA 133A motherboard.
  • Toms Hardware let a Creative Labs Annihilator 2 duke it out with Absolute Mulitmedia's Outrageous Geforce 2 GTS. Check out the article to see if the Annihilator lived up to its name.
  • Hardware Central has an article on next-generation video cards.
  • Looks like Rambus prices are coming down. -- I still won't buy any.
  • The boy wonder takes a look at AMD Thunderbird and Duron overclocking. -- And it's only 17 pages! Lots of good discussion and photos.
  • WinZip command line support add-on BETA
Free stuff!
  • AthlonOC is giving away a 900MHz Athlon classic OC'd to 1GHz.
  • The cold, HardOCP is giving away a bag. -- It's a big bag, with straps and stuff. You can put your computer in it.
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