Intel prepares extended goodbye to NetBurst

Despite touting the superiority of its upcoming Core microarchitecture, it looks like Intel will be squeezing the last drops out of current NetBurst-based Pentium Ds over the next few months. DigiTimes reports that prices will be slashed across the Pentium D line come the third quarter of this year. The Pentium D 940, 950, and an upcoming 3.6GHz 960 will be priced at $209, $241, and $316, respectively, while the 920 and 930 will be discontinued. The slashed Pentium D prices nicely match the expected pricing for upcoming Core-based Conroe chips, whose 1.87GHz, 2.13GHz, and 2.4GHz variants will apparently cost $209, $241, and $316, respectively. Those chips are also due out in the third quarter, possibly as early as July.

In addition to lower prices, an Intel document found by X-bit labs states that the Pentium D's thermal envelopes will be decreased following a stepping change from B-1 to C-1. The Pentium D 940 and 950's TDP will drop from 130W to 95W, which only puts them 30W off Conroe's expected 65W TDP. That should help the slashed Pentium Ds compete more effectively on the performance-per-watt front.

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