PCs: Not dead yet

OK, I am getting sick of hearing about the death of the PC, the end of the PC era, and whatnot. As if Palms and Playstations are really going to replace my Pee Cee. Finally, someone is talking some sense about this stuff. John Dvorak of PC Mag has written an engaging column about the "legacy" desktop PC's fate, and he's nailed it:
To feel "right" on the Internet, the user must be at a computer. It's the gestalt again. All other access models are mere conveniences only to be used when the primary method cannot be used. If given a choice, a person will always take the computer workstation.
Precisely. I'd love to have a "webpad" style device for reading the web, but there's no way even a combination of wireless gizmos and consumer appliance doohickeys will replace my 'pute. I wonder why this truth is so terribly difficult for the media and even PC industry types to grasp.
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