Chaintech jumps into the DIMM market

In a press release emailed to us today, Chaintech announced the launch of its first RAM modules under its own brand, the Apogee memory module series. This follows the company's 25% stock buyout by Walton Advanced Engineering, a leading memory assembly and testing service provider located in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. Chaintech changed its name to Walton Chaintech last September, announcing that it intended to start shipping memory modules. The renamed company says Apogee memory will be made entirely in-house, from taking in wafers to chip packaging, testing, and shipping of modules. Memory will be tested in 80°C high-temperature ovens to eliminate unstable parts, which Chaintech claims will ensure 20% greater stability than the competition. "Superior memory chips" will also be sorted out to produce performance modules.

The company plans to ship Apogee modules in DDR2 and DDR DIMM and SO-DIMM packages. DDR modules will have rated speeds of up to 466MHz and 433MHz for 512MB and 1GB capacities, respectively. As for DDR2 modules, they will be rated for 800MHz and 667MHz in the same 512MB and 1GB capacities. No word on timings, although product photos of 400MHz DDR APOGEE modules show "CL3" on the stickers, so it looks like Chaintech won't be making low-latency enthusiast RAM quite yet. Chaintech says the memory will be made available to the OEM market in addition to the same retail channels as its motherboards and graphics cards, but no shipping dates were given.

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