NVIDIA buys another mobile company

NVIDIA has acquired Hybrid Graphics, a Finnish developer of embedded graphics technology solutions. Hybrid Graphics develops 2D and 3D frameworks and tools for a variety of integrated devices, including phones and automotive systems, and its clients include Nokia, Ericsson, Philips, and Samsung. Following the buyout, Hybrid will become an NVIDIA subsidiary, and will continue to sell and market products under its own name. NVIDIA's president and CEO, Jen-Hsun Huang, commented the deal:
Over the next decade, billions of handheld devices will be sold and for many, they are likely to become their most important computing device. These powerful and multi-function handheld devices will require rich graphics and by combining with the recognized leader in handheld graphics software, we are positioned to accelerate the adoption of graphics by offering the handheld industry a range of solutions from software to IP to GPUs.
This latest acquisition comes just over a week after NVIDIA's plan to purchase PACE Soft Silicon was made public. PACE is also in the mobile business, and develops mobile media applications and components for handheld devices such as phones, PDAs, and personal media players. Its clients also include Samsung, as well as Motorola, Sagem, and Sharp. It looks like NVIDIA wasn't kidding when it talked about aiming to repeatedly double sales in the cell phone market over the next few years. NVIDIA believes 3D games will become important enough to drive the mobile business by next year, and doesn't seem to want to miss out on its piece of the pie.
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