ATI planning X1900 GTO?

In ATI's continuing struggle to secure the $199-299 market, The Inquirer reports that the company will be launching a Radeon X1900 GTO graphics card next month. The card will apparently be R580-based, and could be clocked at the same 500MHz core and 1000MHz memory speeds as the X1800 GTO. If true, this is quite surprising, as the X1800 GTO has yet to be found in any kind of volume since its introduction two weeks ago. It isn't entirely clear why ATI would replace it with an R580-based part, either, as the R580 has a good 20% more transistors than the X1800 GTO's R520 core, making it costlier to produce. For a look at how a Radeon X1900 GTO might perform at 500MHz core and 1GHz memory, check out our review of the All-in-Wonder X1900, which runs at 500MHz core and 960MHz memory.
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