Apple vs. Apple trial begins

This week in London, Apple Computer will meet Apple Corps, a media corporation founded by the Beatles in 1968, in a trial over the iPod and iTunes Music Store. It won't be the first time two companies have faced each other in court. Apple was sued by Apple Corps for trademark infringement in 1978, settling for $80,000 three years later after agreeing to stay out of the music industry. Apple Corps sued again in 1989 after the Mac inherited audio playback capabilities, this time receiving a $26.5 million settlement. The current trial follows a suit filed by Apple Corps in 2003, shortly after Apple introduced its iTunes Music Store. Apple Corps wants Apple to stop using the Apple trademark to sell songs online, in addition to unspecified damages. Considering the recent and widely publicized success of iTunes and the iPod, Apple Computer could be forced to settle for a lot more than $26.5 million this time.
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