Core Duo overclocked in Japan

AKIBA PC Hotline! (in Japanese, translate here) managed to snap some shots of an overclocked Core Duo desktop machine running at a local computer store. The system featured a 2.16GHz Core Duo T2600 running on an AOpen i975X a-YDG desktop motherboard, and the CPU was overclocked to an impressive 2797.5MHz with a 215.2MHz bus and 13X multiplier. The chip was overvolted to 1.36V—not too far off the rated 1.16-1.3V operating range for Core Duos—and seemed to idle at only 24°C with what looks like an Intel 70mm fan running at 2400 RPM. Little information is available regarding performance or stability, although the system did seem able to complete a 19-iteration 1M Super PI run in 23 seconds.

If those results are genuine and reproducible, this is an impressive showing by the Core Duo, and it certainly bodes well for enthusiasts seeking to run the mobile chip on their desktops. Sadly, desktop Core Duo motherboards are still nowhere to be seen in the U.S., despite their many appearances in Japan and at CeBit earlier this month. Considering we've seen boards from Asus, ECS, MSI, and now AOpen in the news, however, let's hope this shortage ends soon.

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