Toshiba shows notebook with GeForce Go 7900 GS

Today, Toshiba announced a new notebook featuring a GeForce Go 7900 GS graphics processor that has yet to be announced by NVIDIA. The Go 7900 GS will be available in Toshiba's Satellite P105-S921 notebook, which is launching at $1,999 with a Core Duo T2400 processor, 17" display, and a remote control. Rick Allen, NVIDIA's notebook PR manager, said the company decided to let Toshiba make the announcement for the Go 7900 GS, but that there is a new launch scheduled with a new flagship mobile GPU in the future.

The Go 7900 GS is based on the same 90nm G71 GPU as desktop 7900 GT and GTX parts, but features 20 pixel processors, 7 vertex processors, a 375MHz core clock speed, and a recommended 256MB of 1GHz GDDR3 memory. This is a sizeable downgrade from the desktop 7900 GT's 24 pixel processors and 450MHz core and 1.32GHz memory clocks, but it at least offers a higher peak fill rate than the current GeForce Go 7800's 16 pixel processors at 400Mhz. The Go 7900 GS should also offer lower power consumption than its G70-based siblings, as NVIDIA's 90nm process already does wonders on the desktop.

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