Google increases lead over Yahoo, MSN

Google's US market share increased to 42.3% in Feburary, a cool 6% rise from the same period last year. The surge came at the expensive of its biggest rivals; Yahoo's market share decreased 3.5% to 27.6%, Microsoft's MSN market share went down 2.8% to 13.5%, and AOL's share dropped 0.9% to 8%. Surprisingly,—previously known as Ask Jeeves—increased in popularity by 0.7% to 6%, securing its place as the fifth largest search engine in the US. Jordan Rohan, an analyst for RPC Capital Markets, sees "little to stop Google from reaching 70 percent market share eventually," and that the question is most likely a matter of time. Another analyst said that Yahoo's improvements to its search engine appear to have had only a minimal effect on its market share, and that it will take a few more months to see whether the redesigned MSN search is improving consumer experiences at all. It looks like Microsoft will have to work hard to fulfill its plans to become "more relevant in the US market place than Google" in five months.
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