NVIDIA launches new mobile Quadros

Today, NVIDIA is launching three new mobile Quadros to serve what it perceives to be a growing mobile workstation market. Dubbed the Quadro FX 350M, FX 1500M, and FX 2500M, the new chips are designed for thin and light, mid-range, and high-end professional notebooks, respectively. These latest Quadros are built on a 90nm process and share the same GeForce 7 series architecture as NVIDIA's consumer parts, and they naturally sport a number of workstation-class features, including 128-bit frame buffer formats and 12-bit subpixel precision.

For entry-level mobile workstations, NVIDIA is offering the Quadro FX 350M. The 350M is based on the G72 mobile GPU architecture, and features a 64-bit memory interface with 256MB of GDDR2, support for up to 4X full scene antialiasing, and 10-15W rated power consumption. NVIDIA's G71 mobile GPU provides the inspiration for the FX 1500M, which is designed to cover mid-range CAD, DCC, and scientific visualization apps, and sports 256MB of GDDR3 memory with a 256-bit memory interface, up to 8X antialiasing, and 45W power consumption. The high-end FX 2500M, which is also based on the mobile G71 GPU, features an impressive 512MB of GDDR3 RAM with a 256-bit memory interface, full scene antialiasing up to 16X, and 100W power consumption. All three new Quadros feature VGA and DVI-I output, in addition to LVDS, SDTV and HDTV support. The new Quadros should start shipping today, although NVIDIA hasn't revealed which notebook partners will begin using them or when they'll be available on the market.

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