Avie Tevanian leaves Apple

Avadis "Avie" Tevanian is leaving Apple Computer. Tevanian has been the primary figure in shaping Apple's MacOS X operating system. He started his career as a principal designer and engineer of the Mach kernel at the Carnegie Mellon University, then joined NeXT in 1988 as an engineer on the NEXTSTEP operating system team. There, he quickly ascended ranks until he became manager of the operating system, and finally NeXT's vice president of engineering in March 1995. He joined Apple in 1997 after the company's acquisition of NeXT, and led the development of MacOS X, which is still based on Mach and NEXSTEP to this day. In 2003, Tevanian became Apple's chief technology officer, while Bertrand Serlet—another long-time NeXT employee—oversaw development of the OS X 10.4 "Tiger" release. Apple stated that Tevanian was "leaving the company to pursue other interests and plans to take some time off in the interim," and that Apple "thank[ed] him for his many accomplishments."
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