AMD readies 3GHz Opteron

China's HKEPC (translate here) has gotten its hands on a new AMD roadmap that shows 3.0GHz Opteron 256 and 856 processors. The chips are single-core, feature 1MB of cache and a 95W TDP, and are reportedly scheduled for an April 4 release. The Opteron 256, which is designed for dual-CPU systems, will launch at $690. Meanwhile, the four/eight-way 856 will launch at $1,514. It's unusual to see AMD introduce a high-end Opteron before its Athlon 64 equivalent, but following the release of the dual-core Athlon 64 FX-60, it looks like the company has no further plans to release high-end single-core consumer chips.

In related news, HKEPC also has the scoop on AMD's planned naming scheme for the 1,207-pin Socket F Opteron line, as well as a possible new Socket AM3. The current 1xx, 2xx, and 8xx Opteron model numbers will be changed to 12xx, 22xx, and 82xx for Socket F. The extra "2" will apparently stand for the socket format, in order to help avoid confusion with current Socket 939 and Socket 940 siblings. AMD also let slip the name of an upcoming Socket AM3, which should support DDR2 and DDR3 memory. Little else is known about AM3, but it may be a land grid array-type socket like Socket F, and it could succeed Socket AM2 in the consumer market once AMD moves to DDR3.

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