AMD hires Itanium designer

Real World Technologies has learned that Sam Naffzinger, former Intel Fellow and Director of Itanium Circuits and Technology, has been hired by AMD for a new design center in Fort Collins. Naffzinger joined Intel in 2005 along with a number of other designers, when Hewlett-Packard decided to end its part in the previously joint Itanium design effort. At Intel, Naffzinger was responsible for the design of the still unreleased "Montecito" Itanium, which Intel will reportedly launch in April this year. While AMD refused to disclose what Naffzinger will be doing in the new Fort Collins design center, executives quizzed by Real World Technologies said the company was working on two "brand new MPU designs" for mobile and server systems, with one of the two set to be modified for use in desktops. AMD also plans to beef up the Fort Collins design center with up to 200 new designers, perhaps to this effect.
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