European Commission eyes Vista

European Competition Commissioner Neelie Kroes has expressed "worries" about Microsoft's upcoming Windows Vista operating system. In a letter to Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, Kroes stated concerns over the possibility that Vista would include "various elements which are currently available separately from Microsoft," including integrated Internet search and the ability to create PDF documents. The Commission seems worried that Microsoft will use these features, along with its monopolistic position, to take market share away from competitors such as Google and Adobe.

Microsoft vehemently denied these claims, saying that it had "worked hard to include partners and competitors in [its] planning, so they can build products and services that work with Windows Vista." Microsoft is currently facing possible €2 million a day fines from the European Commission as it decides whether the company has successfully complied with a 2004 antitrust ruling. That ruling required Microsoft to provide documentation to allow its competitors to better integrate their software with Windows.

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