Shacknews interviews Epic Games' Mark Rein

Shacknews has an interesting interview with Epic Games vice president Mark Rein. Epic is the company behind the Unreal franchise, and is currently working on Gears of War for the Xbox 360, and Unreal Tournament 2007 for PC and PlayStation 3. In the interview, Rein discusses Ageia's PhysX physics processing unit (PPU), and raises some interesting points about its likely success on the PC. As the upcoming PlayStation 3 will support the Ageia SDK, Rein says games using its physics capabilities will probably require a PhysX card if they are ported to the PC—but, he says, PPU-enabled PCs could also allow physics to be scaled up even further. "I think that bodes really well for them if developers go nuts and do really cool physics on PlayStation 3, then if people want to play it to that level on PC, they'll buy the card," he added. The interview closes on a brief discussion of Dell's recent acquisition of Alienware, which Rein says will allow AMD to have a "great hold in gamer PCs without being at the expense of Dell."
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