It's about time

Thanks to TR reader SuperRob for sending in a link to\'s story about Kevin Mitnick now being permitted to pursue some consulting and media opportunities. You\'ll recall that under his original plea agreement, Mitnick agreed not to use any device that could give him Internet access. The probation officer then apparently decided on his own that wasn\'t enough, and "barred him from speaking publicly or writing about technology-related issues and from taking any job that might give him access to a computer." Whoa, dude. Take your Ritalin.

My favorite part of the article (which was written by the Associated Press) is the opening sentence: "A notorious computer hacker who led the FBI on a three-year manhunt while he allegedly wreaked havoc with technology companies now has federal permission to pursue work as a computer consultant or online columnist." Gee, you don\'t think they\'re trying to make that sound as menacing as possible, do you? Talk about melodrama; I think they want you to believe that the prospect of Mitnick even talking about computers is scary.

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