Gateway launches new ultraportable notebook

Today, Gateway launched two new business notebooks, the E-100M and M255-E. The former is particularly interesting, as it's the company's first ultraportable notebook since 2002. Less than 1" thick, the E-100M weighs just 3.2lbs, and features a 12" display, Intel Core Solo processor, and up to eight hours of run time with an optional 9-cell battery. However, that 9-cell battery adds an extra $79.99 to the E-100M's $1,399 price tag, and it'll likely bump the laptop's weight above 3.2lbs.

LAPTOP Magazine already has a short review of Gateway's NX100, the consumer version of the E-100M. While heralding the NX100 as "one of the sleekest notebooks on the market," the reviewer does complain about the lack of integrated optical drive and fingerprint reader. The standard 3-cell battery seems to offer less than three hours of run time, as well.

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