Intel plans $400 laptop for developing countries

Ars Technica reports that Intel will be following in the footsteps of MIT's $100 "One Laptop per Child" project by also providing a laptop for developing countries. Unfortunately, Intel plans to price its "Edu-Wise" notebook at $400. That might be a little pricey for students in countries like Brazil where the GDP per capita is only around $8,000. Little else is known about Intel's machine, but it will apparently have all the functionality of a modern computer, including the ability to run a full-featured operating system. As Ars points out, however, disadvantaged students may prefer to trade off some functionality for $300.

In related news, Intel has updated the press release for its new "ruggedized" Community PC for developing countries to include a picture of the unit. The system appears to lie flat with an optical drive sitting in the upper central part of the front bezel, hinting at the possibility of a proprietary form factor. It also looks like the system is running a version of Windows XP, and since the picture shows a Samsung monitor, a pair of old desktop speakers, and a regular keyboard and mouse, Intel may only be providing the base unit.

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