Apple preparing its own cell phones?

Sources cited by DigiTimes claim Apple Computer has been in contact with a number of Taiwanese handset makers about the production of a possible Apple cell phone handset. The manufacturers purportedly contacted include Foxconn Electronics, High Tech Computer, Inventec Appliances, and Quanta Computer. Other sources cited by Think Secret claim Apple is facing "significant technological hurdles" in developing the product, however, and say it has been put on hold indefinitely.

In the face of the increasing prevalence of MP3-playing cell phones, it certainly does seem plausible that Apple plans to use its iPod brand to extend its presence into that market. Considering the failure of Motorola's iTunes-enabled Rockr E1, Apple may be aiming much higher with this rumored Apple-branded cell phone. Think Secret speculates that, due to the aforementioned problems, the product may not appear until "at least 2007." Thanks to Reg Hardware for the heads-up.

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