Samsung UMPC available on pricey pre-order

British e-tailers eXpansys and are both taking pre-orders for Samsung's Q1 Ultra Mobile PC, which they say is expected to ship on June 1. Both stores are pricing the Q1 at £799.95, however, which adds up to nearly $1,400. Taking out the customary value added tax brings the price down to a more reasonable $1,184, but that's still $185 north of the announced $599-$999 price range. Considering the device only features a 900MHz Celeron processor with 512MB of RAM and a 7" 800x480 display, some users might prefer to invest in a tablet PC or even a full-featured laptop for the same price. Of course, UMPCs should be a little more affordable once they actually begin shipping in volume, but these early showings don't necessarily bode well for final street prices. Thanks to Engadget for tipping us off.
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