Socket 754 to survive a year longer than 939?

A new AMD roadmap seems to indicate the end of life for AMD's Socket 754 Athlon 64 processors won't come until the fourth quarter of 2007, while Socket 939 chips will be terminated in the last quarter of this year. Barring a typo, this would mean AMD plans to keep Socket 754 alive a whole year longer than Socket 939, despite having introduced it nearly a year before. AMD will apparently stop taking orders for Socket 939 Venice chips in the coming three months, with San Diego and dual-core parts to follow in the fourth quarter. Meanwhile, Socket 754 processors will continue to ship "well into 2007," with orders stopping at the end of the year. While hurried, this move could help accelerate the switch to Socket AM2 after its introduction in early June. Considering AMD also plans to move the Sempron line to AM2, however, it seems strange that the company would keep Socket 754 around for so long.
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