Intel to help developing world "Discover the PC"

Intel has announced an initiative that aims to make computers more accessible to the developing world. The move follows the company's introduction of a Community PC for rural India, as well as the establishment of a $50 million venture capital fund for technology in Brazil. To kick off the "Discover the PC" endeavor, Intel and Telmex will collaborate to make a new type of full-featured desktop PC available to first-time computer users in Mexico. The machine will be built as a small form factor, low-cost, and low-power system, and will offer an easy-to-use interface while retaining the functionality of a full-featured PC. Intel says that, by collaborating with government agencies and telecoms companies, the machine also will be made available for "significantly below retail prices." It will launch through Telmex in Mexico in the second half of the year, with other countries to follow before 2007.

To bolster its new initiative, Intel CEO Paul Otellini also announced the expansion of the company's "Teach to the Future" program in Mexico. Teach to the Future is also meant to help introduce technology, this time in the country's classrooms. Intel will help train an additional 400,000 teachers, and will provide 5,000 free PCs that will receive free Internet access thanks to an agreement with Telmex. Otellini says the move has the potential to "impact nearly half of Mexico’s teachers and potentially reach 20 million students by 2010."

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