ATI cooking up a Radeon X1900 XL?

The Inquirer has received word that ATI has a Radeon X1900 XL graphics card in the works. The card will compete with NVIDIA's GeForce 7900 GT, and will be faster than "even X1800 XT cards." The X1900 XL will also sport a single-slot cooler, and should appear similar to the existing X1800 XL. The Inq offers no estimates regarding price or eventual release date, but considering ATI is rumored to have a Radeon X1900 GTO in the pipeline for April, the X1900 XL may be coming in the same timeframe.

ATI is also readying an 80nm RV516 graphics chip to complement the R580+ on the low-end, according to another report. The RV516 will purportedly be a die-shrunken version of the existing RV515, which powers Radeon X1300 cards. The Inquirer claims the RV516's die area will be 20% smaller than the RV515's, making it cheaper to produce, and that this new GPU will appear around Computex in June, with early samples expected in May.

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