K8L due out in H1 2007, may work with Socket AM2

China's HKEPC (translate here) has some AMD roadmaps that seem to confirm that the upcoming K8L core will ship in the first half of 2007. K8L is the successor to the K8 architecture that powers current AMD64 processors, and is rumored to offer 50% greater floating point performance. The first K8L chips will be code-named Brisbane, based on AMD's new 65nm process, and should be compatible with the upcoming Socket AM2. AMD will also be introducing some K8L-based Semprons in the second half of 2007 under the Sparta moniker, also for Socket AM2. The fact that K8L won't require a new socket confirms earlier hints dropped by AMD's Henri Richard, who stated that improvements from the new architecture would be "applicable to some of the sockets we will be introducing." Socket AM2 is expected to be introduced on June 6, along with new Athlon 64, Athlon 64 X2, and Sempron chips with DDR2-800 memory support. Thanks to The Register for the tip.
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