Sony Europe talks PlayStation 3 pricing

An interview on French radio station Europe 1 with Sony Computer Entertainment Europe Vice-President George Foray has shed some light on the expected pricing for the upcoming PlayStation 3. While some sites reporting on the interview are quoting a €499-599 ($608-731) price range, Foray is actually quite evasive and fails to give any specific values:
Q: A question gamers are asking is the price for this console. We see values circulating regularly on the Internet—$500, according to the rumor. Is that close to reality, or far from it?

A: Well, listen... If you take the Blu-ray and HD aspect—we were talking about Blu-ray players costing €1000 or more—so it'll be extremely cheap if you look at that aspect. If you look at the game aspect, today, it's true that most game consoles are generally priced well below €500; I'd say we'll be within that range. It'll be expensive for the video game part, but extremely cheap once you look at the sum of technologies it'll integrate.

The original interview (in French) can be heard via Europe 1's webcast, with the pricing discussion taking place roughly 11 minutes and 30 seconds in. The fact that Foray calls the console "expensive for the video game part" doesn't necessarily bode well, although he does seem to hint at a sub-€500 launch price. That would be less than $500 in the US, too, as numeric values for console prices are generally the same for the euro and US dollar. Aside from discussing pricing, Foray confirms that the console's postponement was due in part to delays in finalizing the Blu-ray format's Digital Rights Managements system. He also claims that a worldwide launch will take place in November.
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