NVIDIA announces DualTV tuner

NVIDIA has announced the DualTV, an analog TV tuner that offers two TV tuners on a single card. Having two tuners enables users to record one show while watching another, or to record two shows simultaneously. The DualTV supports Windows XP Media Center Edition and features NVIDIA's MediaSqueeze technology, which claims lower disk space utilization than competing solutions. MediaSqueeze lets users record shows at lower bitrates than normal, and re-encode high-bitrate shows to lower bitrates with allegedly no significant loss in picture quality. In addition, the DualTV features NVIDIA PureVideo support, as well as multi-stream hardware encoding, image enhancement, artifact removal, and signal boosting features. NVIDIA also claims Imaging Science Foundation certification, meaning the tuner meets standards for "home theater-quality television tuning and recording." The DualTV is available today from NVIDIA's online store at a price of $169.
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