Boot Camp loads Vista, Linux installers

Apple's recently released Boot Camp, which allows Windows XP to be installed on Intel-powered Macs, has already been put to the test with other x86 operating systems. Intel-based Macs were previously unable to load these OSes, as the machines use Intel's Extensible Firmware Interface instead of a BIOS like current PCs. However, Engadget reports that ZDNet's Marc Orchant was able to load the Windows Vista installer on a MacBook Pro, and that another user managed to start the Ubuntu Linux 5.10 installer. While neither actually decided to go through with the installation, one user has managed to install Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 on his MacBook Pro, despite it not figuring in Apple's list of supported Windows versions. This certainly bodes well for Boot Camp, considering it's still at the beta stage. The fact that the Vista installer loads is also good news, as Microsoft stated last month that Windows Vista wouldn't work on its own with current Intel-based Macs.
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