1. VIA Arena has posted VIA's Hyperion Pro 5.08A featuring PATA / SATA IDE driver v1.40A
  2. HEXUS has an inteview with Sapphire CEO KD Au
  3. PenStar Systems on the state of 3D: economics of 3D
  4. Sudhian Media on Windows XP Professional x64 Edition: is it ready for mainstream?
  5. Sharky Extreme has weekly CPU prices for 4/3
  6. Atomic's feature: optimising Oblivion v2.0
  7. Bytesector covers Xbox 360 spring showcase event
  8. WhoDigs reviews Battlefield 2: Modern Combat for the Xbox 360
  9. [H] Console reviews Serious Sam 2 for the Xbox
  10. Shacknews previews Ninety-Nine Nights
  11. FiringSquad's Sword of the Stars preview and Bone: The Great Cow Race interview

  1. AnandTech reviews Pentium D 805
  2. Madshrimps on Pentium M 780 overclocking with liquid nitrogen (LN2)
  3. Ultimate Hardware reviews Sempron 2600+
  4. Hardware Secrets updates all Core Duo models article
  5. PC Perspective and VR-Zone review ASUS N4L-VM DH
  6. TweakTown reviews Sapphire PURE CrossFire PC-A9RD580
  7. HardwareZone reviews ASRock 939Dual-SATA2
  8. HEXUS reviews Corsair Twin2X1024-8500 memory
  9. ThinkComputers reviews 1GB GeIL Ultra-X PC3200 400MHz CL2 5-2-2 DDR dual channel kit
Multimedia and cooling

  1. GamePC reviews XFX GeForce 7900 GTX Extreme Edition
  2. Overclockers Online reviews Albatron GeForce 7300 GS
  3. XYZ Computing reviews Samsung SyncMaster 940BF 19" LCD display
  4. [H] Consumer reviews Ideazon MERC keyboard
  5. TechTastic reviews Spire DiamondCool II
  6. techPowerUp! reviews Evercool Turbo 2
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