.eu TLD opens to public, 700,000 register

Following its official launch in December 2005, the .eu top-level domain (TLD) has finally been made available to the public, allowing any one of the European Union's 460 million residents to register a .eu domain name. The TLD opened to businesses last month and saw over 70,000 registrations within the first hour. Today, the number of initial registrations hit 300,000 within the first hour, and climbed to over 700,000 three hours later. The .eu TLD will provide a complementary alternative to country code TLDs, such as .de and .fr, and generic TLDs like .com for residents of the European Union. EU Commissioner Viviane Reding stated that "Europe and its citizens can now project their own Web identity, protected by EU rules," and that the Commission hoped .eu would "one day rival the .com name." A list of registrars selling .eu domain names is available on the EURid site.
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