iBook successor will be MacBook

AppleInsider has learned that Apple's upcoming Intel-based consumer notebook will be called the MacBook, likely to complement the current high-end MacBook Pro. This will mark the end of the iBook brand, which Apple has been using since July 1999. The first MacBooks are expected to ship before June in several flavors, and should feature "at least" 1.67GHz Core Duo chips. Earlier rumors also mention the MacBooks being built by Asus and featuring 13.3" 1280x720 wide-screen displays. Other features will include built-in iSight web cams, MagSafe power connectors, and FrontRow support. Finally, AppleInsider reports that, along with the consumer MacBooks, Apple will introduce a new MacBook Pro with a 17" display and a 2.16GHz Core Duo processor. No price is known for the machines, but since the 13.3" MacBook is expected to replace the current 14" iBook, a similar $1,299 launch price wouldn't be surprising.
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