PlayStation Portable 2 coming?

Shacknews has received word from a "reliable source" that Sony Computer Entertainment is working on a successor to the PSP. The portable console will apparently be a brand-new system—not a redesigned PSP—and will be ditching the Universal Media Disc format in favor of integrated hard drive support. The source added that the console would be known as "PSP 2," and that it could appear "in the next three years."

As Shacknews points out, the recent contract between NVIDIA and Sony for "unannounced Sony handheld products" would certainly hint that the so-called PSP 2 will feature NVIDIA hardware. This may also fit within NVIDIA's scheme to increase its presence in the mobile market, especially since the contract was for "a range of chip products," rather than a single one. With the NVIDIA G70-derived PlayStation 3 only a few months from release, it looks like the collaboration between NVIDIA and Sony is far from over.

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