Sapphire CEO interviewed, considers NVIDIA

The folks at Hexus have let us know about an interview they scored with Sapphire's CEO, KD Au. Hexus quizzed Au about a variety of topics, including Sapphire's past, its current position, and its future goals. When asked about Sapphire's "biggest weakness," however, Au replied rather surprisingly:
KD: Single-source suppliers; it is bad for any business to be dependant [sic] on a single supplier. Take our business, our primary business is producing and selling discrete graphics boards based on ATI GPUs. If the market trends aren't in ATI's favour and NVIDIA is ahead then this, obviously, can hurt us. Also, if ATI can't deliver in volume this hurts us, too. The best thing which we can do is make sure we aren't dependant on a single supplier or SKU.
Regarding the possibility that Sapphire might begin selling NVIDIA cards, Au added "the best thing to do is make sure both are covered. When the time is right, we may do it." Such a move would definitely be interesting, as Sapphire is currently ATI's largest board partner worldwide, and has been selling ATI hardware in one form or another for fifteen years. It wouldn't be the first time a manufacturer decided to split off, though. Asus, Gigabyte, and MSI are all currently selling graphics cards with chips from both ATI and NVIDIA.
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