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At long, painful last, TR has a search function! Azonic hax0red away on it this past week after our (blindingly successful) move to a new web server. In addition to the search page, there's a search box over in the right-hand column of the front page, as well. Kudos to Azonic for plugging one of the bigger holes left in the site's tech.

Speaking of the server move, we did have a little e-mail hiccup, so if you mailed us last Thursday or Friday and haven't heard back, you might want to send the mail again. Beyond that, my sense is that the new server is a bit faster than the old one. Any complaints?

Good gravy that's a load of 'bread on the front page right now! I suppose we over-'breaded things a bit. We'll try to keep a better balance in the future.

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