Early 7900 GTX stability issues explained

In addition to $500+ price tags and availability problems plaguing NVIDIA GeForce 7900 GTX graphics cards, some early adopters have also had intermittent system freezes. PC Perspective has traced those problems to some factory-overclocked cards, which NVIDIA says didn't have the necessary headroom for increased clock rates. The issues were present on cards clocked as low as 20MHz above stock speeds. PC Perspective blames the high vertex clock—which is always 50MHz above the core clock—and increased memory speeds as the main culprits. Thankfully, NVIDIA says the misbehaving cards will be replaced by their respective manufacturers, and that newer cards should have no problems running overclocked. 7900 GTX users suffering from those problems are therefore advised to get into contact with their card manufacturers and attempt to get their cards replaced.
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