Is ATI planning yet another Radeon X1900?

DailyTech has received word that ATI is planning a Radeon X1900 GT graphics card to compete against NVIDIA's GeForce 7900 GT at the $299 price point. This comes as a surprise, since we've already heard rumors about a Radeon X1900 XL and an X1900 GTO, both of which would compete in the same arena. Nonetheless, this X1900 GT is reported to have 36 pixel shaders, a 575MHz core clock, and 256MB of 1.2GHz GDDR3 RAM. The card will also use a single-slot cooler, unlike the current X1900 XT, which features 48 pixel shaders, a 625MHz clock speed, and 512MB of 1.45GHz GDDR3.

The X1900 GT's 36 pixel shaders are reminiscent of X-bit Labs' alleged specification for the X1900 GTO, so the two cards might be one and the same. Production of the X1900 GT is expected to start in the week of April 14, again coinciding with earlier reports, this time from The Inquirer.

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