ATI to offer GT and GTO versions of Radeon X1900?

The rumor mill continues to grind out new theories about ATI's plans for additional Radeon X1900 cards, and now, X-bit Labs has a possible explanation for the varying rumors about a potential Radeon X1900 GT and/or GTO. X-bit reports the rumored X1900 GT will be based on a sawed-off version of the R580 GPU with 36 pixel processors and 12 texture address units enabled, but this particular card won't be a high-profile model. Quoting "sources close to the company," X-bit claims ATI will make the X1900 GT "available in relatively low quantities," and that the card "will hardly make it to the retail," joining cards like the GeForce 6800 GTO and the Radeon X800 SE in the annals of oddball, OEM-only graphics cards.

Later in the year, they say, ATI has plans for an honest-to-goodness new GPU, dubbed the RV570, with 36 pixel shaders, 12 texture units, and a 256-bit memory interface. Slated for release "for the back-to-school season," the RV570 should compete in the $300-ish price range.

For the time being, ATI already has some potentially strong R520-based competitors in this segment planned, and the 256MB version of the Radeon X1800 XT is beginning to show up in e-tail, where it may soak up some of the business NVIDIA is leaving on the table due to the GeForce 7900 GT's scarcity at online shops. Presumably, by the time the RV570 is supposed to arrive, there will be a newer GeForce doing battle in this same segment, as well.

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