AMD adjusts processor prices

AMD has tweaked its pricing for Athlon 64, Athlon 64 X2, and Opteron processors. Prices for the Athlon 64 line have actually gone up slightly, although the increases are very minor. On the dual-core side, the Athlon 64 X2 4800+, 4600+, and 3800+ now cost $2 more, and the 4400+ and 4200+ run an extra $3. Single-core Athlon 64s have been given the same treatment, with the 4000+, 3800+, and 3700+ going up $2, and the 3500+ and 3200+ 4000+ moving up $3.

Despite the Athlon 64 price increases, Opteron prices are actually down in the 800 series thanks to the introduction of a new 3.0GHz 856 model. The prices of single-core Opteron 850, 852, and 854 processors have dropped to $698, $873, and $1,165, respectively, with the new 856 coming in at $1,514. Those prices were previously held by the 848, 850, 852, and 854. AMD has also introduced a 3.0GHz Opteron 256 at $851, but this chip hasn't shuffled prices for the rest of the 200 series. Oddly, the latest price list doesn't list prices or model numbers for the Opteron 100 series. Instead, it instructs users to "contact [their] local distributor for AMD Opteron 100 Series processor pricing."

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