Intel shipping 65nm Celeron Ms in Japan

AKIBA PC Hotline! (in Japanese, translate here) has spotted some Yonah-based Celeron Ms shipping in Japan. The Celeron M 420 and 430 are clocked at 1.6GHz and 1.73GHz, respectively, and both sport 1MB of cache, a 533MHz front-side bus, and 1.3V stock voltage. According to AKIBA, the 420 and 430 are selling for ¥14,780 and ¥17,780—or $125 and $150. The chips' die size appears to be characteristic of the new 65nm Yonah core used in Intel's Core Duo chips, although it's likely these are spun off the Core Solo instead. Interestingly, the chips are nowhere to be found on Intel's website, even though AKIBA reports that they have already hit several Japanese stores.
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