Ars analyzes AMD's Socket AM2 plans

Ars Technica has an interesting post about the future of AMD's desktop processors and Socket AM2. Earlier this week, AnandTech's Socket AM2 preview showed an AM2 Athlon 64 X2 only marginally edging out its Socket 939 predecessor. Considering the early performance numbers of Intel's upcoming Conroe processor, it would certainly appear that Intel will have the upper hand in the desktop space come the second half of this year. Ars claims Socket AM2 "isn't supposed to be" an answer to Conroe, however, and that it will only make a difference after the move to quad-core. In the meantime, Ars explains, DDR2 support and new sockets might only help AMD in the server space; the desktop may have to wait until K8L—AMD's K8 architecture update due out in the first half of 2007—for any real competition to Conroe.
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