Dr. Damage asks: Athlon incapacitated?

Having our Athlon FAQ online nets us some interesting e-mail. Check out this one, which came in this past weekend:
To: report@tech-report.com
Subject: Help! I've broken the Capacitors off that are directly behind the Athlon Processor


can you help me please?. Does any body know the Value of the Capacitors that sit directly behind theProcessor?. As I've broken three of them when i was taking the heat-exchange plate off. Can any body help my please?, as I'm trying to avoid taking off another one tofind out this value and also could you please tell me value for resistors for multiplier, Vcore and Cache Divisor?

Thank you for your understanding


I think Sqidley's in deep doo-doo, but maybe somebody out there knows the spec on those capacitors and/or has some recommendations for bringing his injured Athlon back from the brink?
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