TDK plans 200GB Blu-ray disc

Reg Hardware reports that TDK is planning to develop a Blu-ray disc with a 200GB capacity. The company already displayed a quad-layer 100GB Blu-ray prototype last year, but this latest endeavor could produce a disc with eight times the capacity of a standard 25GB Blu-ray disc. On Monday, TDK announced that it had already begun shipping the first 25GB single-layer recordable and rewritable Blu-ray discs at $19.99 and $24.99, respectively. 50GB variants are expected to ship later this year and sell for $47.99 for write once media and $59.99 for rewritable discs. Reg Hardware says 100GB discs should follow next year, although they may carry triple-digit price tags if these early prices are any indication. As for the 200GB disc, TDK is simply quoted as saying it is "in the process of developing" the part, and no release schedule is known.
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