Retail Quad SLI cards on the way

The Inquirer has word that new, shorter Quad SLI cards are about to hit the retail market. Quad SLI requires special dual-PCB graphics cards, but current models are unfortunately very long, and it would be difficult to fit them in many users' cases. Select system integrators like Alienware and Falcon Northwest are already selling custom Quad SLI machines, but the cards themselves are not available to the mass market. This is expected to change "by the end of the month," according to The Inquirer, as NVIDIA introduces a so-called GeForce 7950 GTX 2. The card is said to be shorter than current Quad SLI boards, and will reportedly be available to end users for "€800 to €900 apiece"—likely $800 to $900, considering the numeric similarity between European and US hardware prices. Users wishing to build Quad SLI systems may have to pay upwards of $1,800 for graphics alone, and that's not counting the 800-1000W power supply such systems are expected to require.
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