Lenovo's ThinkPad redesigns receive criticism

Lenovo's new Z60 ThinkPads have been given a lukewarm reception by corporate IT managers, according to company President and CEO Bill Amelio. The Z60t and Z60m build upon the traditional ThinkPad design with wide-screen displays, titanium covers, and multimedia keys. Amelio said clients preferred the existing ThinkPad design, and that "putting different colours or models in can create some angst." Amelio added that design changes to the ThinkPad line would be "handled differently in the future," with consumer-oriented modifications likely to be brought under the Lenovo brand rather than incorporated into Thinkpads. Last month, Lenovo disclosed plans to continue selling ThinkPads alongside its own Lenovo-branded 3000-series notebooks, which it introduced in the US market in February.

While it looks like Lenovo will ditch its efforts to "consumerize" the ThinkPad line, it should be noted that the company advertises the Z60 machines as "stylish notebooks for work and life." Perhaps the Z series is simply hurting the ThinkPad's image in the eyes of corporate users who are more likely to buy the business-oriented and mostly unchanged R, T, and X machines instead. Thanks to X-bit labs for the link.

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