GeForce 7900 GT, 7600 GT to show up for AGP?

French site PC INpact claims to have learned (translate here) that an AGP version of NVIDIA's GeForce 7900 GT graphics card is due out "as early as next month." The site also received word that AGP 7600 GTs should follow by the end of this quarter. An AGP variant of the 7600 GT definitely makes sense considering that the card's G73 GPU is said to be pin compatible with the 6600 GT's NV43, which showed up in both PCI-E and AGP flavors. The 7900 GT rumor seems a little more far-fetched, however, especially since NVIDIA never released an AGP version of its 7800 GT. The only AGP GeForce 7800 to make it to market was the GS, which featured fewer ROPS and pixel and vertex shader processors, and lower clock speeds than the rest of the 7800 line. Thanks to X-bit labs for the link.
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