Socket AM2 release pushed forward

Chinese site HKEPC is reporting that AMD has pushed forward the release date (translate here) of its first Socket AM2 processors to May 23, a whole two weeks before the previously anticipated release date of June 6. A motherboard manufacturer quizzed by HKEPC gave two reasons for the release being brought forward. The first was that volume production of Socket AM2 chips should reportedly arrive sooner than expected, and the second is the upcoming third quarter release of Intel's Conroe. Considering benchmarks of early Socket AM2 hardware compared to early Conroe hardware, it would definitely make sense for AMD to rake in some sales first and avoid direct confrontation with Intel too close to the AM2 launch. AMD's real answer to Conroe—the K8L—isn't due out until the first half of 2007 according to reports, so it'll be interesting to see how AMD manages to keep sales up this year.
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