Intel readies 65nm Celeron Ds for Q2, Q3

DailyTech has gotten its hands on a new Intel roadmap that shows a number of new Celeron D processors headed for release in the second and third quarters. The chips are based on Intel's new 65mm process technology, much like current 9xx-series Pentium Ds and 6x1-series Pentium 4s. In the second quarter, Intel will reportedly launch 3.2GHz and 3.33GHz 65nm Celeron Ds with 512KB and 256KB of cache, respectively. A 3.33GHz model with 512KB of cache will follow in the third quarter, along with another 512KB chip running at an unknown clock speed. The chips are said to bear respective 351, 355, 356, and 360 model numbers. The latter may run at 3.46GHz, then, considering the progression of Intel's naming scheme adds 0.13GHz every xx5 model number jump.

Sadly, Intel doesn't seem to have any plans in the near future for budget chips—Celeron or otherwise—based on its new Core architecture. Charlie Demerjian from The Inquirer has let us know that the company has some Core-based budget chips in the pipeline for a release in the second or third quarter of 2007, though.

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