Is ATI's 80nm schedule on track?

According to industry sources quoted by DigiTimes, ATI has decided not to introduce any parts based on 80nm process technology this year. The move, they claim, is due to Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC)'s inability to improve yields for its 80nm process. ATI denied the allegations when asked by DigiTimes directly, however, saying "its migration schedule to 80nm for 2006 has not changed," and that a move to 65nm is still on track for next year. Earlier rumors that ATI's GDDR4-based R580+ would be 80nm-based have been proven false, but the company is still expected to introduce RV560 and RV535 GPUs based on TSMC's 80nm process this year. The RV560 will reportedly be used in a Radeon X1700 graphics card due out in the "back-to-school season," while the RV535 will appear as early as the summer in updated X1600 cards.

Despite these reports, DigiTimes' sources say the 80nm delays will result in the RV560 being fabbed on a 90nm process. They didn't mention which process technology the RV535 or a so-called RV505 would end up using, though, so those parts could still be candidates for early 80nm adoption. The RV505 was reported by Chinese site PConline last year as a future 80nm GPU designed for a low-end Radeon X1300 CE graphics card (translate here).

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