First major PhysX-enabled game due on May 3

Our friends at Shacknews have been told that Ubisoft's Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter has been released to manufacturing and should appear on store shelves in just over two weeks, on May 3. This will likely be the first major commercially-available game title with support for Ageia's PhysX cards, allowing the company to finally release the hardware physics accelerators on the retail market without risking consumer indifference. PhysX cards are already shipping in a handful of PCs from system integrators like Alienware and Falcon Northwest, but Ageia has yet to announce a firm date for their retail release. Early adopters who purchased those pre-built systems will enjoy front-row seats to Advanced Warfighter's impressive display of debris and explosion simulations. A list of other upcoming titles with PhysX support, which includes Rise of Nations: Rise of Legends, Cell Factor, and Unreal Tournament 2007, is available here.
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