AMD Fab 30 production increases explored

Earlier this month, AMD boastfully announced that their 200 mm Fab 30 facility has kicked production up from 20,000 to 30,000 wafer starts per month between early 2004 and late 2005. AMD credited its proprietary Automated Precision Manufacturing technology for the growth, but the company is also reported to have received an extra hand from what The Inquirer calls "MoTSTOF-NOW fab technology":
It stands for Move That Sh*t To the Other Fab – NOW!. It seems AMD moved all the storage from 30 to Fab 36 to make room. Since 36 wasn't fully baked yet, or at least fully baking, the stuff was left piled up in the other building. ... That left room to actually build more chips, and caught everyone flat-footed. Good job.
The Inq expects AMD will be forced to move storage back to Fab 30 once the recently-opened Fab 36 starts ramping up 65nm production. This ramp is expected to happen as early as the second half of this year, although shipping 65nm desktop chips may not appear in stores until the first half of 2007.
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